inspiration board as art


  1. Lovely! Aren't inspiration boards the best? Yours is so great.

    I have been thinking of "A" names for you: Adrienne, Adrianna, also a friend of mine has three girls named Alannah, Aysia, & Aspen. I like Alaina, Annabelle, & Annemarie too. Have you ever noticed all the sisters in the Little Mermaid have "A" names too! Anora has turned me into a Disney Princess fanatic!

  2. Mer it is really lovely,
    I am so wishing I could embrace more of my time to using my art and it seems at the end of the day all I want to do is veg and sewing and crafting and painting still sit on the couch!
    I love that you can daily walk along using the talents God gave you!!!

  3. Very inspiring! I have to get on my computer every time I want to be inspired like that.