Putting myself out there...at 2:30 in the AM

I couldn't sleep tonight as Jon was up working grading papers with his light on. The 2008 presidential primaries also came up right before I tried to go to sleep so...needless to say...exterior stimulation coupled with interior debating does not a tired girl make.

OK, so here is how I see it. Why would I shoot for the moon, take financial and emotional risks to create the American dream for my family and myself when after heavy taxes I could just as well work at Burger King, making more or less the same amount, and with padded health care? It doesn't add up to to burden the people with taxes (disguised as multiple reforms aiming to "make life better" when in turn it only perpetuates poverty, enslaving the recipient to a life of dependency) in the hopes of "freeing" them. It doesn't seem to speak logic to me. It sounds all warm and fuzzy yet does it really help? Does it really do good to shoot down those that can add more opportunity and jobs for those that need it? Shouldn't we be empowering our fellow Americans by encouraging them to work for themselves and their families and in a profession that enlightens their minds and in turn improves our economy (which then in turn improves their way of life)? To reduce a too large a percentage of America down to "those poor people who can't help themselves" is just well, un-American to me.

Ok, now I can go to sleep (hope I don't regret such musings in the morning...).

Don't worry, I'll be back to my usual pretty things and inspiring visuals. Such tangents won't become the norm...


  1. Yay Mer I'm glad you spoke your mind :) cause you are one of my favoritest dreamers and you should allways shoot for the moon. And i'd hate to seen the government shoot you down.

  2. I agree. 100%
    Well said. Thanks for sharing. Can I quote you?