Oh Baby...we've been showered!

This past weekend baby girl and I were showered with so much love! I feel so blessed to have been able to get to know so many incredible, talented and generous women this past year. Two such lovely women are Melissa Esplin and Stephanie Ford who threw this gorgeous affair (at Stephanie's utterly beautiful home).
MerMagOBabyShower2 MerMagOhBabyShower3
The event started off with a delectable spread of amazing food. Spicy and regular California rolls (a HUGE pregnancy craving of mine), incredible salads, chocolate donuts, out of this world chocolate hazelnut cupcakes (thanks to Alison! I think I need one right now...) and yummy vanilla Italian sodas.MerMagOhBabyShower4
And as if that wasn't incredible enough, throw in a group of magnificent, crazy talented and admirable women, and a perfect shower you have. So many dear friends that I've been able to make since we have moved here were able to attend. I have to confess, I can tend to be a hermit/homebody at times (OK, maybe most of the time) but I have seen the benefits of putting myself out there more and opening myself up more (something that is not always easy for me) for many more to get to know me. (It's one thing to open up on the blog...behind the computer...but it's an entirely different thing to let so many into to my real day to day life). It doesn't help that I'm so busy I feel like I never really have time for friends! But putting myself out there has been worth it and I've been so thankful to have met and made so many friends that have touched my life in some way or another. Many friends which you probably already know and love as much as I do, such as Sarah Jane, Meta, Amy, Alison, Meg, Michelle, Jen, Annie, Liz, Nicole, Sarah, Danielle, Heather, Amelia, Caroline...
 MerMagOhBabyShower5  MerMagOhBabyShower7
...and of course the lovely ladies behind the event, the amazing Stephanie (Sycamore Street stationary designer) and Melissa. They added so many touches that made this all so meaningful to me.MerMagOhBabyShower8
Such as this chalkboard drawing. Do you recognize the illustration from the Father's day plate I created with the boys? I just love that Stephanie drew this and then added the darling origami dress to the little girl on the way! So perfect! (and can we take a minute to think about the time that went into making all those little dresses for this garland! I love them so much, I've framed a few for the nursery).
And I think I'll have to do another post just on the incredible gifts these ladies shared with baby girl and I.
Can I just say that we have some serious vintage scouts here with quite the eye?! I need them to take me thrift shopping!
...and the hand made, thoughtful, creative and beautiful gifts were almost more than I could handle. (almost ;)).


(peplum top sewn by Liz Bryson)

We are some lucky ladies.
I can't think of a better way to welcome a little girl in the world than by sharing with her the joy of womanhood through friendship. So thanks ladies!MerMagOhBabyShower10b
Oh yes, and I can't forget the gents too...Brett Merritt, Jon's acting friend, and husband to Amelia was so kind to stop by as well (and we discovered a theme of geeky glasses going on here). And Larry, Stephanie's husband was SO kind in watching my boys (and then some) throughout the duration of the shower, as Jon was in a performance. MerMagOhBabyShower12
Needless to say I feel so grateful and so much more ready to welcome a new life to this earth and to our family. And Oh my, is it true that I only have one more week to go?! Eeek! (Well...I guess I do look ready to pop... :)

*(many of the photos shown here were taken by Melissa).


  1. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I recently had a girl (almost 4 months old now) and my most favorite gifts of all were the handmade ones, just enforces it more that they were made and given with love. What a wonderful group of friends you have!! Enjoy the end of your pregnancy and all the best during labour.

  2. Such a great shower! Everything was perfect, and I was so honored to be invited! Now, I can't wait to meet your little miss!

  3. I hope you can feel the love of this day for a long long time!
    I got all sorts of choked up about this shower of love for you and your baby girl!

    Love you

  4. Oh, fantastic! This baby shower looks like it was a beautiful affair. You're so lucky to have such wonderful hostesses and wonderful friends. Lots of blessings to count!!! Love the geeky glasses theme. The chalk drawing from your plate was so wonderful!

  5. Beautiful shower. Thanks so much for including me!

  6. I'd want to keep the dots and Oh Baby on the wall forever! lovely shower.

  7. That little origami dress banner is about the cutest thing ever! Every detail was perfect. You are one blessed lady. xo.

  8. It was the cutest--and most delicious! Thanks for having me, Merrilee!

    1. it was such a pleasure having you there Amy!! xo Mer