Complete Milly the Mermaid doll pattern (with additional hair and skirt option!) in the shop!

As a continuation of Sarah Jane's fantastic Out To Sea fabric blog tour I'm offering the entire complete Milly the Mermaid doll pattern in the shop!
This downloadable PDF pattern is for a 20 inch Milly the Mermaid pattern, complete with instructions. Milly can transform from sea to land with both legs and a slip on mermaid tail! Milly's hair can also change up as this pattern includes options for two different hair styles that can be taken on and off with Velcro. Milly also comes with a pattern for a darling bodice and skirt.
 So many fun dress up options!
This pattern is appropriate for those with intermediate sewing skills.

The PDF pattern will be sent to the email address associated with your etsy account unless otherwise noted. You will receive the pattern within 24 hours of purchase.

And what's even better...visit Sarah Jane's blog to get an exclusive discount code towards you very own Milly the Mermaid pattern!

And like always, I LOVE to see any creations made from Mer Mag tutorials so I'd especially love to see any mermaid dolls you might make! Share them on facebook, twitter and instagram and spread the mermaid making love!


  1. Oh, how wonderful. I'm so happy to see more hair and clothes for her. What a great doll!

  2. I love the Mermaids and the outfits.
    So simple to sew but so adorable :-).

  3. thanks for the pattern! i love sewing with muslin.. it gives animals and dolls that wonderfully floppy look that makes them ever so much more endearing :) i'm a huge fan of your blog and am only just now brave enough to peep in and give a shy wave hello :)

  4. Hi, I've had the full pattern for awhile and finally got around to putting it altogether. I actually thought it would be perfect to donate to a wonderful charity here in Melbourne that collects softies at Christmas time for the children it supports [The Mirabel Foundation]. Thanks, it was fun making.