DIY Animal Masks

MerMagAnimalBoxMasks1Our spring cleaning was delayed for some reason or another and it just so happens we are knee deep in it now, organizing closets, purging this and that and finally decorating some much neglected spots around the house. We've been in our place for about 10 months (I can't believe it!) and I still feel like we are new here. And to prove it we still, (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit it) still have boxes that need unpacking/sorting through, etc. And with unpacking/sorting, etc. comes a cluster of extraneous boxes. And well, with the current box/duct tape fervor going on around here, we knew just what to do with some of the smaller sized ones. Re-purpose them and make colorful animal masks of course.
MerMagAnimalBoxMasks2To do this you'll need to start with a box the is just larger than yours or your child's head. (If you don't already have one to size, you can easily duct tape together 5 pieces of cardboard and make a box yourself). Once you have your box you can then go crazy with fun and colorful duct tape, electrical tape, paper, markers, paint, you name it! (I only used tape for my masks but you can use a number of craft materials to make yours. have fun with it!). Once the mask was decorated I used a utility knife to cut out the eye holes.
I did this craft with Little O (3.5yrs) when A (6 yrs) was at school and let me tell you, this was the perfect thing for him. He LOVES to dress up and is obsessed with characters and taking on their different personas. He's more our imaginative play enthusiast while A is more our linear thinker (loves puzzles, putting things in order, math, etc. - Although A was the only one who had imaginary friends...I haven't heard from any of them lately, wonder where they went to?...). A also has never really been into masks as he's not one for a lot of sensory items around his face and neck. Sometimes I worry that my crafts for the boys cater more towards A's personality so I was very happy to have this time with Little O where we could indulge in some one-on-one time, creating and playing in HIS world. And...if we are in in his world, then we must bring along a number of his friends, such as Mr. Bear here (who is actually A's but Little O has pretty much taken over the entire stuffed animal collection and A's more or less perfectly OK with it).
MerMagAnimalBoxMasks3And in Little O's world, Mr. Bear needed to be outfitted with a mask as well. And I agreed that it only seemed fair. So we cut up a Go-Gurt box and made a fun warrior bunny mask of sorts just the right size for Mr Bear. And together the two of them had a grand time sneaking around, dancing, jumping and performing in their new incognito forms.
MerMagAnimalBoxMasks4 When A came home he enjoyed the masks as well (although was not too keen on wearing one) and the boys couldn't get enough of trying them on their various stuffed animals and softies. You'd think it was the most hilarious thing in the world, to hear their giggles.

MerMagAnimalBoxMasks6LivingRoomAnd I have to admit, I've really been enjoying the bright pop of color these recent crafts have brought to our otherwise black+white+neutral home decor color scheme. Makes me think that summer really is just around the corner.

And I hope you're not too too tired of our cardboard and duct tape creations, because I can't quite shake the bug. I fear there might be at least one more craft we'll have to share with you that involves a combination of re-purposed house hold items and fun bright pops of duct tape!


  1. can't wait to try out this tutorial with my two nieces--they'd love this!...and so would i ;)

    great post!

    alissa b

  2. everything is so inventive and beautiful, and i love the apple artwork!!

  3. I love this, Merrilee! Your home is absolutely beautiful.

  4. I love the masks! Time to make some with the kiddies! Thank you for the awesome idea!

  5. I absolutely adore these. This would be so fun for a birthday party!

  6. These masks are amazing! Just posted about them on Craft Gossip!