Counting with painter's tape

MerMagDailyPaintersTapeNumbers1I love how random every day household items, such as painter's tape, can become the perfect teaching/learning/artistic tool for kids. After I put up A's "Happy 6th" sign with painter's tape, he was hooked. He started spelling out his own words and taping up numbers right and left.

A has of course been able to count for some time (he's in the 100's now) but he got so much fulfillment out of creating these numbers and words in tape form. And I love how in turn this helps Little O learn about counting and the joy of learning. (Oh and A told me he purposefully forgot the "5". I think that's code for "I turned the 5 into a 6 on accident and I don't want to take it all down and do it again just so that I can fit in the 5 that I forgot" :) ).
 MerMagDailyPaintersTapeNumbers2I now want to purchase a set of colorful masking tape and let them have at the walls. Brings a much more temporary approach to "coloring on the walls".

And what's better than a little freestyle monster drawing after some constructive math time? According to the boys, not much I tell you. Not much.


  1. Hey Mer, I have several colors of painter's tape in orange, turquoise, and other from the $0.99 Store. No joke. They are fun for so many things.

  2. I'm yet to be a mammy (yikes I'm only 21) but I'm gathering so many creative and fun idea from this blog that I really can't wait to have my own mini mes :)
    This is a really clever one and not only for counting and I believe it's so much more fun than regular writing !!
    Thank you Mer !!
    - Julie