Quilted Chevron Comforter

MerMagChevronQuiltedComforter1I wasn't kidding when I mentioned that this quilted herringbone comforter was my new go-to baby gift. It seriously is the best. So simple and the pay off is great. I recently made another one for my little sister Lorajean, who just had another baby girl, Evangeline (don't you just love the name!). Only this time instead of going for a quilted herringbone stitch, I simplified and went with a free style chevron quilting pattern. It was SO easy and there was really no way to mess up (I personally love that some of the zigzags are closer together and some are farther apart). Just find some great great fabric for the front and back, sandwich some batting in the middle of the two sheets, baste, and then quilt away! And you'll notice that I used the same binding from Eleanor's quilt (I'm kind of in love with it and, well I had a bunch left over) and went with Heather Bailey's tried and true continuous binding technique.

This is also great project for littles ones who are learning to sew and would love to start quilting. You could even do a mini version for a little doll or softie. Wouldn't that just be so cute?! And I promise you, you could do the entire thing in one afternoon (I did! but we won't get into my tendency to procrastinate...).
*photos of quilt and darling baby taken by Lorajean of Lorajean's Magazine


  1. what a great gift! I, too, like how the stitching is not always evenly spaced. Just one of those touches that you Don't find when buying something mass-made. Hope your sis loves it--

  2. Perfection. The fabric is to die for! The baby is pretty perfect too.