[easy breezy KIDDIE...]

Remember these Easy Breezy End-of-Summer scarves? Well, as temperatures are dropping and fall is at our door step, I've been itching to make a few more of them, but this time for the Littles.
And if you think the first version was easy breezy, you'll be more than happy with how quickly you can whip these mini-little variations out.
In fact...it's so easy you'll probably want to bring your Littles in on the fun. And I can think of no better beginning sewing project than these. It is a perfect "learn how to sew a straight line" kind of endeavor. And depending upon the age and ability of the child you can have them just sew the initial straight seam which connects the two ends of the fabric together and then sew the french seam and hem it for them. Or you can have them do it all, walking them through it step-by-step, offering any needed help along the way.

And as for sizing, I would have fun with it. Choose whether you want it a little larger and billowy (Like Little O's in the above three pics) or if you want to have it fit more snug and slightly bandana-like (such as Little A's in the following two pics). Mix it up. These things are so fun and easy to make you won't want to stop experimenting. In fact, I've got a mind to cut up a few old sweaters for when things get really chilly.
(And can I just insert that I've had to start bribing Little A to pose for pictures? Now that he's a grade school super star, he's too cool for mom and her photo shoots. He still loves the crafts mind you, but posing for the camera is so blasé. So yea, he gets a couple of marsh mellows and then he's off to conquer dragons and pester his brother).
And, with all this cowl fever going on over here, I couldn't let the boys have all the fun.

So I made a variation for myself, using my newly-most-favorite-fabric ever - a gorgeous indigo Indonesian Batik found at the tried and true, JoAnn's.
This fabric came in a 45" bolt so I solved the "too tight to wrap around twice" problem by simply leaving it hanging as one simple loop. And I must say, I completely love it.
And you don't have to twist my arm to pull on a cardigan (my new all time favorite wardrobe staple) and wrap around a scarf to cozy up to a delicious cup of hot cho (especially when served in this little mug that I seriously don't use as much as I should!) in front our first fire of the season in our new fire place.


You are indeed welcome here.


  1. Love it! I've been wearing scarves every chance i get too! Even when it was too hot for scarves.

  2. It all sounds so wonderful! I do love this time of year the most...

  3. those scarves are amazing, but lets talk about that map of the US on the wall, please

  4. Great idea for a first sewing project. I'll have to try this with my kids! Just found your blog and I love it!

  5. Susan,

    I know it's fab right? I got it at Dcwn Eat Home at a steal for $24 (marked down from $50+ I think). Scurry on over there as I think they have a few left!


  6. New to your blog, really enjoying your style and ideas. Made the scarf and love it! One for my son is next...

  7. how did I miss this post? My son is so into wearing scarves around his neck right now...this is a must-make! such a great idea.