[paying homage to our south pasadena home]

As we've been unpacking and trying to get settled in to our new place I've been having a few nostalgic pangs while remembering our previous place of residence. Mostly because it was already in order (there are few things in life more stressful than moving!) and in the two short years we lived there, many memories were made (little O pretty much spent his entire life here and little A's preschool years were all in this home). Even though it was short lived, it was a special place for us, and one that we will always hold dear.

On that note, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite spaces and moments from our South Pas. home. The first pic is of Jon's desk where he would work, and his wall - which grew into a wall of family photos, painted portraits, momentos and more.

Below is the same room opposite Jon's desk which was our "all purpose room". Seriously. Both Jon and I would work in here (so it was a home office), our kids would play and watch movies in here, and I had my sewing machine and all my craft/fabric storage in this room. Yeah it was a little crazy but luckily the room was large enough that it was able to comfortably accommodate all of these needs. This is where we spent most of our time and definitely the room I miss the most.
I finally managed to frame some of our photos that a friend (Chris Lindsay) took of Jon and I back when we lived in Brooklyn, NY. They served as a fun reminder of our newlywed years in NY.
I love this moment. Little O is at my desk, concentrating seriously on his imaginative play - something that was a very common occurrence.
This next room was our dining room which, when not littered by cherrios, was also a pretty great place to congregate. I really love the above pic (take after we had recently moved in and Little O was still in a high chair) as it shows the light in this room as I loved it the most.
I loved the little moments in the home that reminded us of the ocean and the beauty that could be found around us.
I also really loved this Asian inspired with-a-nod-to-vintage-Hollywood-glamor dresser that I found at a thrift store upon first arriving in California. We ended up using it as a hutch in the dining room to store extra linens and educational activities for the boys to entertain themselves with while at the dining room table. We unfortunately couldn't fit this lovely item on our moving truck so it was put on the street (along with the kitchen table and several other items!) with a FREE poster in front (time had run out to sell anything). It, and everything else, was snatched up pretty quick.
The above and below a pics are a few shots of our small yet functional kitchen.
I'm more of a "tuck the kitchen away instead of having it be the center of the house" kind of girl so this worked for me. Jon, the master chef in the house, would definitely have liked more room to explore his culinary talents. Thankfully, our new place has just that.
I really love the above pic of the boys in their room (also another favorite place of mine). Back when Little O would take naps, I loved laying down with him for a few minutes. Everything was so calm and serene and the world outside seemed to melt away. To me, it was a room to dream in. I think the boys liked it as well and I hope Little A can remember at least a few special moments from this room to take with him as he grows. (As I go back in my childhood memory, I find that 5 yrs is the age that my memory really starts to become solid and more clear. I cherish these memories and hope that Little A will as well. And who knows, perhaps Little O might have a few sense memories as well).
And finally I love this last pic only because it show my two littles as if they are merely apparitions running through the halls. Little happy ghosts that will hopefully have left their giggles and childhood optimism within these walls.

So yes, we will miss our old home but are excited about having a backyard (I can count at least 5 messy mud fights the boys have already indulged in) and the mid-century modern vibe of our new home.

And I just have to say a little something about the wonderful people I was able to associate with while living in South Pas. You really don't know how good you've got it until you move. Whether it was old Brooklyn friends who invite you to their private beach for one last bash, complete with home made crepes in the morning. Or South Pas friends who offer to watch your kids while packing and loading the moving truck (and then when half of your stuff doesn't fit so you have to take another day unpacking and repacking the truck and giving away a number of large items, they offer to watch your kids again). Or whether they send you away on your journey with a road trip care-package full of sunflower seeds, beef jerkey, sour gummy worms and more items sure to keep you senses awake and alert, or kind cards with kids games and activities for the road, or Great Harvest pancake mix and locally made raspberry syrup (yum!), or Williams Sonoma's fabulous Pina Colada mix to toast to you new place, or mouth watering home made granola...You know you are loved and had it good. Thanks you guys. You know who you are and have made it so a return trip to our old stomping grounds just can't come fast enough.

And now on to life in the present. There are still so many boxes to unpack and a back-to-fall wardrobe we have yet to share with you. Little A starts Kindergarten tomorrow so we are full steam ahead here. I'll be sure to try and check in here as much as I can so stay tuned.


  1. Wow I love how you did up the wall in your first picture. And I love your yellow chair.

    - Sarah

  2. Didn't know you guys moved. Are you still in SoCal? I can completely relate to having a certain space connected to special memories. Here's to making new memories in our new digs. xo

  3. Do you know what color you have in the bedroom and dining room? The light grey.. Thanks!

  4. We'll miss you, but I'm sure you'll lovely love your new home.

  5. What a gorgeous house! Look forward to seeing the new one, and yes, I do know all too well about moving, and the emotions involved.... I moved all my life until I hit where I am in Lower Manhattan. Now I've been in the same place for over 20 years, and no intention of leaving the neighborhood.... I always wanted roots *somewhere*. Best to you in this new venture!

  6. Hi Hanna. the previous tenant was responsible for the paint color choices but yes, I really did love the dining room color as well (it was half the reason why we took the apt). I always felt that the blue in the dining room (shown in it's truest color in the 8th pic) looked like Restoration Hardware's signature paint color 'Silver Sage': http://www.sensationalcolor.com/color-for-your-home-garden/paint-company-guide/restoration-hardware-paint.html.

    The paint in the boys room was a little more of a light powdery grey blue. Hope this helps!

  7. Shucks! I would have loved to have been the lucky person who found the yellow dresser you put out on the street. It matches my childhood bedroom set. I have the tall dresser and the wonderful canopy bed from the same set. My daughter uses the set now.

  8. oh my I started blubbering. Good byes always do that to me! I love the little ghosty boys running around the hall. I can't wait to see your new place and share in the memory making you do there!

  9. so you're making the move!!!
    so excited for you guys, and best of luck!!
    (mostly i'm more excited at the prospect of seeing you more often!)