[bees, beards and...]


We celebrated Jon's birthday on Wednesday and I can't believe how time flies. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were celebrating with donuts and custom cards. Well we had a great day starting with breakfast at Marston's and ending with a Menchies custom frozen yogurt pie.

In celebration of Jon I wanted to share a gift I gave him, a Beard of Bee print by artist Meagan Donegan, in honor of a recent commercial he was in. (I actually gave this to him for Fathers Day but I thought this a good occasion to share). Go ahead and watch the commercial and you'll see how it all connects. Oh and Jon's the goofy one in the white bee keepers suit.

Fun huh? You should check out the entire campaign as it's pretty funny. And I'm not a big chicken girl but I do sort of crave their chicken (even if I've never had it) so job well done.

And and because I know you are curious:

- yes those are real bees
- yes the actor with the bee beard was stung - about three times around the eyes
- yes the actor with the bee beard was an experienced animal handler but this was his first time working with bees
- yes we're assuming he was well paid for it :)
- yes Jon was initially more nervous about the bees than his co-actor
- yes you can see this campaign on TV...if you live in the South, where the Bojangles Chicken chain resides
- yes Jon is really that funny in real life, only a little less surfer dudesque
- yes Jon is a fabulous actor and...

- yes he is available for hire! :)

Happy Birthday Jon!


  1. How funny! I live in Charlotte, NC, I think I've seen that commercial. Can't believe it's your husband. Happy Birthday to him. :)

  2. Love the commercial - nice work, Jon. :)

  3. So I wouldn't have even known what the heck Bojangles is if we hadn't moved out here. And that print is quite lovely considering how freaky it'd be to have bees crawling all over your face!

  4. I have totally seen that commercial! Though at the time I totally didn't realize it was Jon! How funny. Now when I watch it and actually look at Jon's face I can't believe I didn't recognize him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!

    p.s. love the Beard of Bee print. So cool and very apropos!

  5. Lovely print! I've seen that commercial here in Knoxville. Good job, Jon!

  6. YES! I loved seeing this commercial after hearing about it. Loved it.