[a lovely outpouring of...]


I can't even begin to tell all of you lovely readers what a wonderful opportunity it's been to be in the middle of such an outpouring of love for darling Davy Jean and her family. You guys are the BEST! We've raised over $1000 and that's just in the first three days! I've heard from Ruth and she mentioned that they are now able pay an ambulance bill that they have since May of last year. Way to go you guys!

You have the rest of today and tomorrow for the bogo offer but these print proceeds will continue to go towards this special family, so the Lovely, Love never stops!

And as you can see from this incredible stack of Lovely Love orders (which are x'2 as per the sale), that I'll be busy working away on getting all of you fantastic people your lovely prints. It's just me chugging away at these orders, so I appreciate your patience. I promise to get them out in as timely a manner as possible.

And thanks again for letting me see your lovely hearts. Your generosity, warmth, kind comments and excitement about helping this inspiring family has really made my week. Thank you all for your Lovely Loveliness.


Oh and a big thanks for HGTV:Design Happens, Odeedoh, Gabba Friends, and many others for their help in spreading the lovely word around!

*image of Davy courtesy of the mom.


  1. That's so cool! Your generosity made this so fun. I am keeping one for me and gifting the other. Such a great cause, and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to lovely, love some great art and do good! You are awesome!

  2. That's great Mer! What an absolutely awesome thing you are doing!

  3. well said! Love never stops!
    good luck in the all beginnings

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  4. oh my she is just so gorgeous and you seem to have a heart of good old fashioned gold :) what a pleasure to see!!



  5. I am totally in love with Davy and her beautiful family!