[a heartfelt...]


I once again have to say a BIG thanks for your lovely generosity and kind hearts in reaching out to little Davy and her lovely family. Together we have raised over $2000 for this incredible little girl and I couldn't be happier. The BOGO offer is officially over but, as I mentioned, the print proceeds will continue to go to the Schultz family.

Every time I look up at our framed Lovely, Love artwork a smile comes to my face. It already held such a special place in my heart for my own family, but now there is even more love associated with it. And that is thanks to all of you.

Thank you for being so lovely.



  1. what an awesome project - so lovely on your part. thanks for bringing davy's story to our attention and for using your wonderful talents to raise much needed funds. very inspiring!

  2. That is fantastic, Merrilee. so awesome.

  3. What a wonderful thing you have made possible...we linked to your pirate valentine and your kid art valentine. I am sending you a thank you but since I was posting I thought I would tell you thank you twice. The links are in our printables directory under valentines-twopennyblue.blogspot.com

  4. YeaH Mer Mer you are so wonderful to do this! What a great out pouring of love and compassion. And of course it's easier to do when you make such a cute print to help all the giving along!

    You should really very some joy in your heart for sure over this wonderful experience!

    love you!

  5. Congrats Mer! It's a warm and fuzzy feeling all round really!