[an up to the last minute...]

April 11:

10 AM: begin sewing pants for little A's Easter ensemble.

2 PM: realize I need a zipper. Run to fabric store with both boys (can't fit A into cart with little O's car seat...so he walks...a disaster waiting to happen)...(Jon is at a film shoot).

3 PM: stop off at Target for last minute Easter candy. Scour the isles as for anything decent but find that everything is cleaned out (was harder to find a parking place than on Christmas Eve).

4:30 PM: go over to Costco to purchase fixings for an Easter dinner salad. Grab a couple of hot dogs for A and I on the way out.

5:00 PM: head home.

8:00 PM: put little A to bed.

9:00 PM: work on helping baby O feel comfortable whilst teething.

10:00 PM: baby O finally falls asleep. Boil eggs while getting back to work on little A's pants.

11:30 PM: finish A's pants.

Midnight: start baby O's jumper.

1:00 AM: crash.


April 12, Easter Day:

9:00 AM: dress little A for church. find out his pants are too large...but too darling to take off (didn't I try them on him last night?).

9:30 AM: back to work on finishing up baby O's jumper. Finish everything but the buttons....so I safety pin them on for the time being.

10: 55 AM: pile in the car and head to church.

11: 10 AM: walking into chapel, late, little A's yells "Mom, my pants are falling down!". Scoop up little A who's pants are down to his knees, and head to the back of the chapel.

12:00 PM: relax and enjoy remembering the reason for Easter.


2:00 PM: race home from church. Jon dyes eggs with little A while I spray paint Easter pails with black chalkboard paint.

3:00 PM: paint wooden staking dolls in different colors (which are to be our "plastic egg" containers for candy and bunny grahams).

4:00 PM: Easter supper at Uncle Doug's.

5:00 PM: race home. paint bunny and chick on pails. paint bunny faces onto stacking dolls. Jon hides eggs.
5:30 PM: call out little A for the hunt. Pictures, pictures, pictures...

7:00 PM: done. phew. relax.

8:00 PM: Googgle chat with grandma and grandpa.

9:00 PM: boys to bed

10:00 PM: watch episodes of the Office with Jon.

2:00 AM: stay up way to late blogging about day.

2:30 AM: crash.


  1. I love these ensemble ! your boys are so cute !

  2. haha... thats awesome!!! I love the baskets, and Atticus is so cute!!! I love the jumper too!

  3. I love using pails as Easter egg baskets.. but painting them with chalkboard paint? Genius. I love it.

  4. i love that post! no you don't know me but i love your blog. love the story. love the outfits. love the doll things, the easter pails, love everything.

  5. ohh! your little boys are SO cute! i love their outfits and everything you made for the egg hunt. you seem like a terrific mother. :)

  6. amazing clothes and i love the pale ideas. it wouldn't be a holiday without at least one mishap.

  7. They look like peter rabbit characters! So darn cute mer! you never cease to...have i said this before? You rock!

  8. Love the very first picture! Too cute! Sounds like nights I have all the time. Exhausted, needing sleep, and still stay up til 2am. Looks like the boys had fun though!

  9. I was exausted just reading about all that. I have to say that I am so impressed with the outfits and your determination to finish them. I love loved the bunnies on the wooden stacking dolls. You have fabulous pictures to remind you of your delightfully exausting day.

  10. i just discovered your blog and i absolutely love it! also, is it creepy for me to tell you that when i read it, it feels like i'm reading a more fashionable and pulled-together version of myself in a few years (i'm an illustrator and newly-wed with very similar tastes as you)? i hope that doesn't freak you out.

  11. merrilee! your day sounds so so familiar. i love the holiday exhaustion. AND the chalkboard paint pails- so smart.

    how are you guys doing? (just now realizing i never commented back although i was so excited to hear from you!) are you in california now? (i spied a familiar tinkerbell and pirate at the neverland party. . )

  12. Aren't those Bjorn Baby Sitters FANTASTIC?

    And I have some extra Matryoshka dolls lying around ... I'm going to re-purpose those cuties...thanks for this sweet little post!

  13. Mer those buckets and bunny nesting dolls ROCK! and so do those super cute outfits!

  14. ooh gorgeous. my son collected his eggs with a bucket too but it didn't look half as cool as yours! i have some serious reading to do here - what a lovely, inspiring blog!

  15. Where did you get the pattern for O's jumper? It looks super cute. I may have to buy it and try it out on my little guy.

  16. holy cow, you are a woman of last-minute miracles!!! how do you pull it off???

  17. sounds pretty crazy but the outfits are adorable! Love the chalkboard paint on the buckets. Such a great basket idea! I might have to steal that for next year!

  18. I'm serious when I say that's the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Just precious. Glad you had a Happy Easter!

  19. Best post ever! What a day. Love the clothes :)

  20. Okay....where do I begin? With your brilliant easter egg baskets? With your beautiful two boys and their adorable clothes(that you MADE) falling down or not! OR, with the cutie pie brilliant easter stacking dolls? *whew* you amaze me my dear and I am in awe....AND I am THE laziest mom around! :)

  21. Oh, and does A stand for Atticus? That is my littlest one's middle name! :)

  22. I love little O's outfit!
    Good job momma!
    Your kids never know what us mommas do for them. Definitely copy this post into a scrapbook for memory lane later.
    Love you!

  23. you are so ambitious! It's amazing what you're able to accomplish, and with everything turning out just adorable! I love the stacking bunnies!

    btw, I just read a comment awhile back about my table. It's from Ikea. maybe $40 (?? i think).

  24. THat first photo is absolutely adorable...and I love the easter buckets!

  25. Love those little buckets with the chalk designs, perfect for Easter!

    Enjoying your lovely blog!