[three cheers for three friends!]

I'm adjusting to Southern Cali alright...the beach is wonderful...the winters mild...etc., etc....but I feel a piece of my heart will always reside in New York City, or Brooklyn to be more specific. This is for a lot of reasons but high on the list is the number of wonderful and talented individuals I was able to call my friends. Mara, one of the ladies behind the new and fabulous clothing line, Harvey Faircloth, is just one of those darling souls. I have also met Abby, a talent to be sure, and though I have not yet met Katie, the third visionary and creatice behind the line, evidence shows she's just as inspiring and lovely as the others. Way to go girls! I'm highly anticipating seeing one of your garments in my closet some day soon.


  1. these designers love fabrics that is evident with the fabrics they choose

  2. this speaks to me. I love their mission statement. I have so many pictures of my mother and grandmother in similar cuts and my mother always wore the native beaded necklaces and belts in the 70's. I love it!