[wanting to make this]

I've been working on the ABC's with little A and have been wanting to sew some sort of ABC chart. When I came across this photo over at black eiffel, I knew I'd struck gold. Love the consonants and vowels pockets. So cute!


  1. This is a lovely way of teaching your children ABCs. I wish I had nothing on this afternoon so I could have a go making it. The letters have velcro on the back I guess. Make sure you post photos of your version!

  2. that's the cutest alphabet chart ever! i love how it's velcro so it's easy to move the letters around!

  3. Love the felt board. I made one for a friend who is having a baby soon, not quite as cute as this but I just took an old frame and framed some felt and cut out ABC's numbers and animals. It only cost me like $8. Anyway, you should check out Leapfrog's video - Letter Factory too. Elle's been watching that a few times and can already say the B says "baa" and the A says "ahh" etc. It's an easy way for them to learn the abc's and the sounds they make.