Do you keep a journal? I mean really keep a journal, not of the blog variety? I was an avid journal keeper in the tween to teen years but some how dropped the ball as I have grown older (no more dramatic boy crush stories I guess). Oh how I wish I could steal some time to curl up in a corner and create a lovely art journal such as these by Sarah Blank Studios or a super special Valentine envelope book such as the one by Oh, Hello Friend.

My littles are sick right now (poor dears)...so that won't be happening any time soon...but some day.


  1. this are very cute. makes me miss keeping a REAL journal.:)

  2. These are so lovely. Reading this post made me laugh remembering why I kept a journal when I was a teenager too. :)

  3. I love journal-ing!
    I stopped after my 3rd kid because I had depression and lost my desire to write (or do anything else). Feeling more myself LOL now I need to restart my habit.
    Oh the call of a fresh sheet of paper and a really smooth writing pen. I need to go shopping!

  4. aw, thanks for posting my journal here!