[more craftiness]

I'm working on a pillow to give my husband for Valentines Day (which he's already seen me working on). It has sort of become a humorous gift tradition for me to give him a pillow each V-day. Two years ago I gave him a pillow that said "Valentine" in felt letters. I loved it. He thought it was nice but saw through it...he knew it was really was a gift for myself (after all it was pink and not really something he would do much with). We got a good laugh out of it this year and now I think I'll make it a "gag" gift tradition. (Don't worry, I have something else up my sleeve for him).


  1. where are you putting all these pillows? on your bed? are you in a house now?

  2. Oh I love it! Handmade things seem to always be more special. Great job!