[I want to snuggle up in all of these]

For a glorious brief week it was cold enough here in Southern California to cuddle up in a cozy quilt. I love quilts and I've just started to get my feet wet in the making of them. My little A is turning 3 this year and I want to make him a quilt that will fit a twin bed. Friend and fabulous painter/photographer, Jordan Daines, made the most darling little baby quilt. I love the pattern she came up with. I'm also head over heals for my friend Katie's simple modern quilt she made in only 24hrs! wow. These others are ones I've found while perusing the net and love them. I really want to make the zig zag one for myself.

1. jordan's quilt
2. katie's 24hr quilt
3. bookhou kids patchwork quilt
4. makebabystuff.com quilt contest entry
5. urban outfitters quilt
6. mountain peaks makebabystuff.com contest entry
7. loobylu scrappy doll quilt


  1. I like the colourful dolls blanket :o)

  2. These are so fun. They remind me of the Denise Schmidt patterns. I think she has one like the zig-zag. Although her's reminds me more of Charlie Brown's shirt with two zig-zags at the bottom. If you haven't already, you should check her stuff out. There are a couple books on Amazon and she has a website dsquilts I think.

  3. I am so smitten with these types of quilts right now. I wish so badly that I somehow had the capacity to learn how to do something like that... but alas, I do not! :( I will just have to purchase others beautiful work!

  4. I'm flattered! I'm glad you like it... and that it made your so very stylish blog.