[this year for halloween I want to be a...]

I love the styling for this Free People jumper. Just looking at it makes me want to go as a boho witch for Halloween. How fun would that be? Of course I'm pregnant and scheduled to give birth soon...but maybe I can still pull it off...I mean I do already have the shoes.

1. Free People jumper
2. knitted witch hat
3. Free People tights
4, bee engraving pendant necklace
5. onyx cocktail ring
6. flourish ring in amber
7. merrilee fluevog shoes
8. steampunk large clock hand earrings
9. gray poppy broach pin
10. 1940's vintage handbag
11. test tube party favors (I'd carry these in my satchel and hand them out to unsuspecting victims)


  1. I love the steampunk earings. Eric and I were going to be steampunk characters for halloween this year but Liam is determined to be a robot. We are now working on "Galactic family" (echo echo echo) costumes.

  2. Love it! I cant decide what I want to be yet and time is running out.

  3. wow! what an awesome concept!