[color love]

Well, if it isn't already obvious by my overall blog look, I'm currently obsessed with the color combination of coral pink and gray. So lovely. So perfect. So what I'm into right now. I'm particularly smitten with the top left living room design. I'd love to re-create this...it just calls to me.


  1. Okay so I want to look just like your cute red headed girl you posted for your look of the day.
    Then I want to live with all the fabulous coral and taupe (gray isn't as flattering a word) furnished places you have pictured here!!!
    LOVE love LOVE it all!

  2. I thought of you d-lyn when posting this as you are the official die hard coral-pink fan. thanks for letting me share the title for the time being :).

  3. So pretty! I love this color scheme. Its just so romantic and beautiful. I cant get enough of it.

  4. top left, huh?
    i thought you were more of a bottom left kinda gal! (i am!)
    i like it of course, but antlers? antlers???

  5. yes, I could do without the antlers...but there is something about the eclectic nature of this room that I really love. Of course I ADORE the bottom girlish/glam one too. I'll take both, for whatever mood I'm in.

  6. I know why you like the top left because you already have the gray sofa and a square coffee table lets just see if coral pink pillows don't start showing up at your house!