[P.S. I Love Your Wardrobe...]

I know the movie has been out for a while now but I just saw P.S. I Love You for the first time last night and was head over heels for Hilary Swank's wardrobe. These pics don't really show my favorite outfits, so you must watch it to see just how adorable she is. I've never seen Hilary play such a vulnerable and somewhat flighty girl and I must say it was a little refreshing (everything she typically does is so heavy...and of course very good). No doubt the woman is talented. The story had me sobbing all the way through. Yes...I'm pregnant.


  1. I wasn't prego when I saw it and I sobbed all threw it too.

  2. Me too. I loved her and her clothes and the men too. What a great movie. I had to go by myself while my husband and his sister went to I am Legend. I had much more fun than they did. :)