[I know...I should feel lucky]

That I was able to spend the past week in New York City, and really I do.However, it's hard remember that when I could have been in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, etc.) with dear friends, Eric, Julie, Tony and Melissa.

Or in picnicking in the south of France with more dear friends, Jen and Alex, Jane and Kai, etc.
Ahh...but the big apple was better than staying at home in Knoxville so...even with a vicious cold that won't go away, I really can't complain too much.


  1. :) So awesome that you got to go to NY but sat that your missed the abroad happenings! And wow these are such pretty photos!

  2. seriously. i mean...i got to watch Anna and Liam for 2 days, which was way fun...but I would have rather watched them in Prague! :)

  3. Hey,
    you could be in the middle of nowhere...
    I envy you with the neighborhood and walking to parks....
    you could look out at dirt for miles and miles.
    Trips are little escapes, a breath of fresh air...
    How lucky to have one!

  4. hey, i mean, we did invite you and all. . . !!!

  5. Jen, I know, it's our lousy fault, that is why it's so sad...