What's In Cally's Bag

Thank's Cally (fabulous mom of five who constantly amazes me) for being a sport and sharing your bag with us!
Here's what Cally has to say about what's in her bag:

I swallowed quite a large dose of humble pudding (...um, that might be pie).

Not merely by the amount of stuff that serves an obvious purpose, or two, nor is it the lack of any apparent style, but by the hunk of...well...reality...in all its glory. I hope you're inspired.

  1. The bag itself. No designer or trendy boutique involved. Target special.
  2. Pretzel sticks, nilla wafers, goldfish, graham bees. Variety is a crucial survival technique.
  3. Xango check stub. I get $20 a month, not to mention I'm gonna live forever. If you have any questions about Xango, or the mangosteen fruit, my mom would be glad to answer ALL of them.
  4. Slobber samples of Kacie's genetics, dried carefully for preservation on her tag baby.
  5. My cell phone.
  6. Ultrasound pictures of Kacie, November 2006. I keep them in my bag...for the obvious reason...which is...
  7. Samples...tylenol, and various other drugs.
  8. My attempt at style...knock off nothin'...just yellow. Target.
  9. My favorite thing in there...a rattle Mandy gave Kacie. Love it.
  10. Two toothbrushes, sealed. Just in case...of something.
  11. Duh.
  12. I'd like to pretend I keep track of my grocery totals at Kroger, but really, Joey eats it when I'm out of nilla wafers.
  13. 8 oz. supply of Walmart brand baby formula. I know not of breast milk.
  14. This is special. This is the pencil I used on my IKEA maiden voyage. I keep it close.
  15. To name a few friends...Sting, Feist, Diamond Rio, The Weepies, Veggie Tales, Ben Folds, East Mountain South, Nickel Creek, Bon Jovi, The Fray, Hem, Hannah Montana, Wicked, Phish, Wilco.
  16. STicky notes. To leave on peoples windsheilds.
  17. Clorox wipes. Neccesary. With lots of kids comes lots of bacteria.
  18. My sister Cassy bought me this lipgloss for Christmas. It's Prada. The tin says so.
  19. It's a waffle. So what.
  20. A picture of me and Jake (5 years ago) with my Grandpa Purnell. And a horse. So good lookin'. My grandpa, not the horse.
  21. Hottie mints. Because I am. Target.
  22. Dramamine. It causes marked drowsiness. Good times.
  23. Who doesn't love Nasa?
  24. Um, yeah. Kotex. Target.
A big thank you to all the "What's in my bag" entrants. I'm working on prints to give to all those who have submitted (or who have yet to submit).

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