I'm dreaming of a white kitchen...

...just like the ones from my massive design inspiration file.

I had been feeling stumped on what my kitchen design style was for awhile now so I decided to save anything that spoke to me. Well, after going through my inspiration file recently, I found one very obvious theme: They are all WHITE.

I have loved the all white and weathered look for as long as I can remember (it was often the backdrop of many a day dream as a little girl). I like this because it must mean it is timeless. I also like the idea of adding some very current and up-to-date elements to that back drop, thus mixing both my nostalgic self with my more of-the-moment, modern self.

Some elements from these pics that I'm craving for my dream kitchen are:

  • A large rectangular weathered farm table with either mix and match chairs or modern "Eamsish" style chairs. Just thinking of it make me all giddy inside
  • A collection of white china/stoneware (mix of modern and vintage). I've started this already and I love what it looks like. I've also allowed for some white pieces with black embellishments (making my new mer.mer. mug a perfect fit! :))
  • Large vintage letters somewhere. I haven't decided what I want them to say yet, or if I want them to say anything at all even. I know that I want at least one letter (preferably "A", because it has such a beautiful structure -and could work for Atticus :)).
  • Some sort of chalkboard surface somewhere. I love this idea for many reasons. It's great for menu items, to do lists, and a perfect kid's play surface while I'm preparing dinner. (Wow, that sounds like such a domestic utopia I painted there. I guess I'll have to start making regular dinners for this to ever come true. I'm sure once I get my perfect kitchen I'll magically become the perfect cook, wife and mother ;) ).
  • Just a touch of color that could change with seasons. I of course love azure blue and black will be in there in small touches (adding a bit of the glam I love so much). Other times I'd love to add bright pink, red or mustard yellow. I'd do this with seat cushions, place mats, napkins, artwork, etc.
Ahh, a girl can dream right? Currently I'm still working on what to do with my natural oak cabinets that my husband has discouraged me from painting white :). (For the very credible reason that we are leaving our house in one year. Time restraints? What are those? You're asking an artist to be practical? :)).


  1. mer: love it. what design mags do you buy?

  2. I used to want a white kitchen...then I realized that it'd be yet another thing I'd have to clean all.the.time. (not that a different-colored kitchen needn't be cleaned, it's just less obvious when you have 14 handprints all over the place, lol).

    So I got my blue kitchen, and now I wonder why in the world I ever wanted a white one. I don't think I'd ever go back to white.

    I have a file of house decorating ideas, house plans, etc. I just need to pull them out and actually work towards those, *sigh*.

    Oh, BTW--as soon as I get some spare time, I'll be your next bag lady :)


  3. Thanks for your comments gals!

    Jen-I really love European design mags. In the states I of course love the staples: Domino, Elle Decor and Blueprint. Overseas I'm loving Britian's Elle Decoration, Living Etc., Ideal Home and Canadian's House and Home (the latest was full of fabulous French decor that I went nuts for)

    Nadja-you make such a great point with the cleaning...and i love your blue kitchen! I'll definitely have to keep this thought in mind when I win the lottery (that I don't play) and can create my dream kitchem ;). I can't wait to see your bag. I miss you and your family. We had such a great time visiting you in France and loved the wonderful spirit of your home - the best decorating touch of all :).

  4. Mer, you are hilarious! Seriously--of COURSE the kids are the best accesories here, because there isn't room for anything else, bwahahaha.

    Yeah, I know of *that* lotery as well--for me, it'd buy me a house with SPACE, lol. The rest, I could take care of.

    Well, I hope you know you'll be welcome here anytime. Seriously. We loved getting to know you and to share a few precious moments with you.

    thanks :)

  5. How funny that the white trend has carried through your whole life. It's gorgeous and so uplifing. A kitchen should be good for the soul. Yours will be. I'll come over any time. :) I'll even cook.
    I love your blog. It helps me remember that I'm not the only impractical artist out there that is dying to paint everything in site even though we are renting!! Ha ha... keep up the great work.

  6. I am designing a white kitchen for a friend of mine and your photos have been very inspiring. Thanks!

  7. We painted our oak cabinets white (not white-white, but white), and I love it. But your oak cabinets might be more stylish than our oak cabinets were. Ours are fine, solid cabinets (actual wood throughout), and I was fine with the floorplan, so I didn't want to kick them to the curb.

    We did white on the top and bottom (very slightly distressed), with soapstone in the middle and gloss white subway tile for backsplash. Not exactly creative, but in my case, that's what ALL my tear sheets looked like, so . . . .