New Blog Design and Site!

OK but I've been crazy excited to share Mer Mag's new blog site and layout with all of you. I've had a great run with blogger but I'm looking forward to a new adventure with my new site here on mermagblog.com. So please come on over and join me here as that is where we'll be from here on out.

And be sure to check out the new rainy day pillow wall hanging I made for Baby M along with a few snap shots of her new little corner of the world.

And now I have to kick up my heels and head on out to ALT! Such a fun and buys week in store. Follow me on Instagram for updates and catch me over here for a full report of when it's all through. Oh and wish me luck with my panel on Collaborating with Brands! So much fun info to share. If you are coming, stop on by on Thursday morning to say hello! Would love to meet you.



  1. Wow can't wait to see!!! And congrats, have a wonderful time at the ALT!

  2. Love this blog:) Am writitng from Poland, best wishes to you and kids:)