Christmas Village with Duct Tape and Tissue Boxes

Good morning friends. It's snowing outside of my window as I type and it's looking like it just might be a white Christmas indeed. Yippee! Which means, after the snowball fights and snowman building, it is the perfect time to come inside, sit snugly indoors and create with my Littles.

I don't know about you but this time of year often brings about a case of the sniffles. Which means we have have number of tissue boxes lying around the house. Well the Littles and I discovered just the thing to do with them. Make a little Christmas village, using glitter and duct tape of course! So that is just what we did.
To make the structure of the roof tops, we just cut up a few other tissue boxes (or any other discarded cereal box, etc.) and created the roof shapes atop the tissue boxes. We then proceeded to cover them with the duct tape and then had lots of fun decorating them!

We were so excited to find this gold and silver glitter tape, from Martha Stewart, at Michaels, and knew right away that it needed to be used in our little village. I love how it makes the shingles sparkle and come to life (and an extra bonus - it's really easy to cut).
I also played around with our hole punch a bit and was able to create polka dots with the gold duct tape by spreading out the tape onto parchment paper prior to punching. With a little finesse, they turned out great! (In fact we have updated our duct tape cutting methods altogether. If you lay it out on the parchment, you can get a really nice clean cut with scissors and create just about any shape your heart desires! Best thing about it: the Littles can be more involved in the cutting stage now! Yippee! I'll have to do a tutorial of this new cutting method on the blog soon).
And our little vintage wooden angel is just the perfect friend to inhabit our little village. Makes me want to create a few more wooden friends for her to carol to.
And how cute would it be to cut out the window and door shapes and then add a few battery operated tea lights or even a strand of white Christmas lights on the inside? I just might have to do this variation in the next day or so. Would be so magical indeed!


  1. This is is so perfect! Love the colors too. Love the idea of putting lights inside and I think I'd have to cut out a door for LEGO minifigs too ;)

  2. Oh, it's beautiful! What a wonderful and eco-friendly paper craft project!

  3. These are wonderful!
    My kids participate in a handcraft fair twice a year with other home schooled kids in our area. These would have been perfect to sell at the holiday fair, but I think we can make them work for the spring fair too.
    You always inspire me.
    Thank you!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Love from,

  4. Ohh what a cute village, it looks so beautiful!
    I Love the colours and pattern mix!

    Best Whishes, Tine :)

  5. This is perfect! We are going to do this over the winter break!

  6. We did something similar with wrapping paper and recycled boxes of all shapes and sizes. The duct tape idea is GENIUS though and you're village turned out way more glam then ours: http://www.supermommoments.com/2011/12/recycled-christmas-village/