Turn the record player up, for that sweet sound...

While we been making a more concerted effort to unplug the TV we've simultaneously decided to plug in Jon's vintage record player and have been collecting a very fun selection of our favorite tunes and stories ever since. The result - a most enjoyable atmosphere of crackly tunes, singing, dancing and happy happy faces.
I started collecting vintage kids records (as well as some show tunes, a little Neil Diamond here and a little Temptations there...and anything else that spoke to us) the late part of last year when we found Jon's record player in storage. In fact, we've sort of started a new tradition of taking the family to thrift stores every other week to look for vintage record treasures. (We've also made it a point to stop at thrift stores wherever we travel to see what their vinyl selection is.) And we've been thrilled with what we've found.
The boys favorites are the Chipmunks see Doctor Doolittle (we have the Christmas album too), the Smurfs Sing Along and the Return of the Jedi record and book read-along (we think we might have to go to ebay for the rest of the Star Wars collection as we've not been able to find anymore in stores).
My personal favorites are Annie, Mary Poppins (the vintage cover art is just to die for), Peter Pan and Robin Hood (I was seriously head over heels for Robin Hood when I was younger and was convinced that to be Maid Marian would be the most exquisite thing in the entire world. I mean, does it get any better than Disney's waterfall scene? I think not.)
We recently had some needle disrepair so we are waiting for a new one to arrive in the mail, and let me tell you, I'm going through some serious withdrawals. Our home is just not the same without that old time vinyl sound vibrating throughout its walls. On a recent trip to see my sister, we found a treasure trove of records at her thrift store that we are still waiting to listen to. I seriously can't stand the suspense.
I can tell the boys miss it too. If they aren't singing and dancing along to the records, they are sitting and playing quietly while listening to suspenseful or silly stories.
What about you? Do you own a record player? Where do you find your records? Thrift stores? Online? And has it made a difference in your home? I'd love to hear your stories as well as which records are your favorite (and that I just might need to add to our collection)!


  1. I have a record player and I love it!!! I usually play my records when cleaning the house instead of having the tv on. I just purchased The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and Marry Poppins on Ebay. FUN!!!

  2. Yes, we love records at our house! Lately, my daughter has been requesting The Beach Boys Endless Summer. We find all of our kids ones at the thrift store like you. It is one of the best parts of our day, whether we are up dancing or relaxing on the couch listening to a story.

  3. This brings back so many memories from my childhood. My brother and I reading books and listen to records. We were best buds. Our favorite story to listen to was The Frog Prince, the muppet version narrated by kermit the frog. We also loved to sing along with Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. Eldon has a record collection, maybe it's time to hit up some flea markets and rediscover our roots.

  4. Sad to hear you haven't been able to listen to the ones you bought here with me. :( At our house we have a nightly dance party to our record collection. one of our faves is I think called Disco Mickey Mouse (or maybe Disney Disco) anyway, the kids love it! Their recent fave is "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Sher. Our 2 yr old requests it every morning these days.

  5. Oh, the memories. I used to have a record player when I was a kid, and I loved the Disney Robin Hood record. My mom bought it for my birthday, and she accidentally bought it in Spanish.

  6. Why do vinyls just sound so much better. I always find mine at record stores and it's been fun because a lot of artists are now putting out vinyl so you can basically find them anywhere you get music...

  7. We love records at our house too. My husband started collecting them before we were married, most of them have been bought at thrift stores. We have all kinds of records, the kid have fun picking what they want to listen to.

  8. I am now officially on the hunt for children's vinyl. Thank you for the exciting inspiration!!

  9. Oh the waterfall scene. I still want my engagement ring to be a purple flower. :)

  10. I am now seriously considering buying a record player. :)

  11. I have had a vinyl collection for a few years, holding out for the perfect player. We finally found one but it was so huge we only kept it a couple months. I was so sad to see it go, I am now on the hunt again! I love the children's albums, which we don't have very many of, now I will be on the hunt!

  12. We have been on the look out for a record player in our price range but haven't found one yet due to the fact that our budget is zero! HAHA! We do collect records though. We thrift and rummage through record shops to add to our collection

  13. Wow This takes me all the way back. We used to love the read along records. We had Star wars, the fox and the hound and the rescuers You'll know to turn the page when tinkerbelle rings her little bell. Or... When R2D2 Chirps and beeps. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  14. i love vinyl! I had a great collection, but nothing to play them on.
    BTW: I love how clean your rug is. I thought it was just me with a thing for really clean floors. Yours is lovely:)

  15. I love the old timey kids records. Have you seen the Kiddie Records Weekly website? You can download or stream tons of old records for free. maybe not the same as playing it yourself, but they have some really cute stuff.

  16. Belinda, what a great resource! thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to download some!