An update on the blocks...and a spray paint makeover

Hello fantastic friends! Thank you so much for all you kind words regarding our little Zero dollar gift exchange. We had a wonderful time doing it and I highly recommend you try it out, at least one year. You won't regret it.

I also wanted to give you a little update on our mix-n-match-em blocks. Many of you asked how we secured them together so that they would spin. Well I wanted to update you and let you know that they are actually freestanding - no pole involved.
So essentially you could have the head on the bottom and the feet up top, if you wish (just don't do it in front of Little O...he'll be very distressed and quickly put it back in it's proper order).
We had actually thought about having them on a pole and we love the idea. We just wanted to keep it simple for this first go around.
Basically, if you did want to make your own but wanted them to spin, I would suggest getting a decent sized dowel and securing it to a square wooden base. Then drill holes in the blocks, slightly larger than the circumference of of the dowel. Place the blocks on the pole, and voila! spinning block toy.

I also wanted to share with you a quick spray paint lamp makeover I recently did. I got the lamp at a second hand store for only $2 (the clerk couldn't confirm whether or not it actually worked so she said she'd give it to me for $2 and if it didn't work, well I was out of luck. I loved the shade so figured it was a good deal either way. And thankfully, it does indeed work).

I then grabbed a can of yellow spray paint (about $4) and went to town.

I had been wanting a large, retro statement lamp in the boys room (for nighttime reading as well as aesthetics) and thought that this one would do just the trick.
I love the bright pop of yellow that it adds to the room. I'm not sure if it's a bit more "groovy" than I would normally go for, but for now (and for that price!) I'm pretty content. I have a lot more in mind for the boys bedroom and the new year is just the push I need to get myself to actually tackle it...hopefully...


  1. great lamp! and those blocks...perfect.

  2. Love the lamp! It's getting harder and harder to find cheap things in trift stores, at least where I live in Malmö in Sweden. Sometimes the prices are ridiculous. It takes time to find great stuff. I need to go to a place out of the city...

  3. Hello and happy new year! (maybe a little bit late..) I love the lamp idea, actually the bright and neon colors are very in fashion for the next summer, nice idea :)

  4. Those blocks are such an ingenius idea! Now wondering how to incorporate the concept into some party decor...Thanks!

  5. now that's a lamp! the yellow is so much better than the baby poop color it had been. you go girl!

  6. Can I ask what kind of paint you used for the lamp?

  7. Hi SMW, yes, I used Rusto-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in Sunburst Yellow. Thanks!

  8. Hi, your photographs are very lovely, I was wondering what sort of camera you used? I'm fairly new to photography and I'd like to get an idea of different camera capabilities. Thanks :)

  9. Thanks Oliver. I use a Nikon DX. I feel like I'm still very new to photography but I've found that lighting is the key to everything. good light=good photos. bad light=bad photos.
    xo Mer

  10. I love that lamp!
    And the blocks too.
    Love from,