[Starting a New Year, and a...]


Happy 2011! I hope all of you are rested and rejuvenated after spending time with friends and family and ready to take a on a new year. I love this time of year...it's a great time for change, for renewal and for reflection. And don't you just love to look back and reflect on the last year? When putting together my 2010 Christmas cards I just couldn't believe how much time has flown. My boys are getting so big and life is speeding by. This year I really want to do all I can to slow down and simplify - so that I don't miss the most important things in life - such as taking more moments to really spend quiet time with my littles, enjoying their individual personalities and cultivating their unique talents.

Having said that, I've found myself entering the new year with a very full plate. I've got a number of exciting projects already in the works that will keep me pretty busy this month, but I'll do my best to stay up to speed here on mermag, and check in when I can.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2010 year! Here's to another one ahead!


  1. This is one of the coolest Christmas cards i have ever seen! Love & miss you!

  2. Loved your card this year Merrilee! It is taped up on my inspiration board.. so nice to see something hand drawn amongst all the computer generated cards! (And I loved the Japanese tape holding the photo in place.. it's all about the details and you are right on top of it!)

  3. Thanks Ladies.

    Brooke, as always, I loved your card as well! So clean and so clever. Perfectly Brooke. (and it doesn't hurt that your kids are so darn cute!)

  4. LOVED the card! It was my favorite one I received this year! Loved the tape too! You're so great!

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