Like so many of you, I can't believe the legacy of LOST has come to an end. And what a moving and beautiful ending it was, wasn't it? I mean WOW. Well, we were happy to celebrate it with friends munching on island delicacies such as wild boar (pulled pork sandwiches), sushi, smoke monster pudding (complete with a black and white edible stones for Smokey and Jacob) made by Jon, and Dharma Initiative cupcakes (recipe courtesy of Magnolia bakery) and more.

Jon went as the perfect Sawyer (he had the scowl down to a science).
(And can I just brag that I cut his hair? I really had no idea what I was doing but I think it looks particularly good in this photo...)

And I went as Kate with a muddied up T-shirt and boy jeans (couldn't come by a rifle...).

We had fun reminiscing, predicting, discussing and I'll admit it, crying...just a bit...

I hope all of you had an enjoyable, relaxing and reflective weekend as well...and if you are a LOST fan, I'd love the hear how you celebrated the finale!


  1. Hahahaha...you are a funny gal..I totally missed the last episode..Im gutted! x

  2. I too shed some tears. E and I watched it together.

  3. My husband and I had a little Lost party at our house too. I posted some photos of our Dharma food on my blog. We are, however, going to have to watch it over again for full effect since everyone in our area seemed to have extremely bad reception that night (of all nights!).

  4. My friends are obssesed with Lost! I should watch the show! My friends cried and I kept on hearing " Nooo!!". I think I was in the other room at the time doing my homework or something. lol! :)

  5. How sad for me, I didn't know anyone to share the day with - but it was bitter sweet anyhow. Goes down as one of my most loved tv series EVER. I hate that it had to end...

  6. Oh what fun! I love your great party ideas. BUT I will be missing LOST now - I'm not sure another show could repalce it.

    p.s. - where do you get/make edible stones??

  7. Oh my goodness I can't even tell you how much I love this! We were planning to do a finale party, too... but got too busy. I'm so glad you got to enjoy one, though! Looks great. And good job and the haircut. ;)

  8. love it! my boyfriend, father, and i watched the finale last week and i definitely had to hold back a lot of tears. even the 2-hr recap before the finale made me sob a little (on the inside).