Despite all my pre-planning we seemed to have another up-to-the-last-minute Easter this year. Thank goodness I did in fact do all my Easter candy shopping weeks ago and that I started Little A's suit last week, or we might not have had much of an Easter egg hunt at all (Easter itself still would have been wonderful of course). Some how or other (burning the midnight oil, cranking out illustration after illustration had nothing to do with it I'm sure...) I managed to come down with the worst case of strep throat ever. I seriously woke up one morning feeling like a ferocious cat had clawed out the back or my throat (and it sort of looks like it too...but enough of the gruesome details...).
By using a few of our favorite creations (bunny nesting dolls, chalkboard painted pails, etc.) and candy traditions (Lindt chocolate carrots, Trader Joe's malted eggs, etc.) we managed to pull it off...in the nick of time.
I made Little A's suit from a vintage simplicity pattern, picked up last summer at a thrift store and threw together a plaid scarf (fabric from Joann's). It ended up a being a bit windy and nippy so I'm glad the scarf came in handy.
I had great visions of making a companion ensemble for Baby O but there just wasn't any way I was getting up off the couch. I do think however that he looked adorable in Little's A outgrown "jolly holiday" attire even if it didn't so much "match" his brother's look. I also loved that he was able to take part in the festivities this year. He kept going back to places where he found eggs previously to see if they were there again (such as the leaf above). So adorable, I just about died from his cuteness.

The hunt was splendid. Little A was seriously into this year and most definitely ate one too many chocolate carrots.
Baby O was all about the loot as well. Wow. The first year of candy overload ever...Not even Halloween was this bad. "Cranky kids" at bed time doesn't even come close to describing it.
But we had fun, chocolate overload and all. And now it's finished, and I'm off to recover so I can get back to the drawing board.


  1. I know what you mean about cranky kids!! So sorry your feeling yucky! :(

  2. oh my wow..those outfits are soooo adorable!!!

    i cant wait to have kids haha

  3. I think that has to be the most stylish chocolate bunny I've ever seen! :) Love the pails, nesting bunnies, and suits! So fun with such great style. Thanks for sharing.

  4. it looks like you had a happy easter! Your boys are adorable!

  5. Your little kiddos in their vintage duds look like adorable little people out of a storybook. Life is almost never like a storybook, but at least we can dress like it!

  6. Okay Mer I am totally going to trace your vintage pattern when I come out there! So adorable I can hardly stand it!!!! What a fun choice of buttons too I never would have thought to do such a darling thing!
    I also love the Jolly Holiday suit too!
    Oh how I envy those cute clothes!

  7. Having a boy and a girl, I am usually making outfits for my daughter because it just seems so much easier, but you have certainly inspired me to sew for my little guy. LOVE this little suit so much...the buttons...seriously cute!!!! I love the 4th of July outfits from last year also. I am definitely going to try a little suit for my little guy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. aahhhh cute. I loved the yellow buttons on Atticus' jacket.

  9. That suit is just great!! That colour and those buttons!!
    If only I had a little boy to dress....

  10. the outfits, the decor, all so cute. i don't know how the heck you find the time but i am truly impressed!

  11. A's suit is adorable! I can't believe how big he is.

  12. Loving your blog... some of the cutest images I've seen! Will be following and can't wait to see more. xo Erica


  13. Oh, dear, candy overload. We do a pretty minimalist easter, but Halloween this past year was madness, sheer hysterical madness. Normally we are a no white sugar family, but I can't, just can't limit or take away or otherwise downsize the kids' Halloween candy haul--it just seems so mean-spirited to me. And since they gobble it all down, at least the sugar terrors are gone by bedtime the day after.

  14. oh my gosh what gorgeous boys you have. and adding you to my blog roll, and last comment tonight I promise!