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As is the norm around here, we've got a pretty busy week ahead of us. With lots of exciting illustration work going on (naps and bedtime just won't cut it this week) I've had to get creative about how to entertain the Littles. I'm not sure much can be done to keep Baby O (who is a toddler now but I just can't strip the "baby" title yet) out of the paints and away from the keyboard, but I'm armed and ready with an ongoing art project for little A - and we have Ann Wood to thank for it.
Inspired by her 100 horses series Little A and I have set out to create our own little stampede (we're not ambitious enough to go for the full 100. We'll be happy with 10). Once a day, while I'm at my desk/drawing board Little A makes himself comfortable on the floor with craft paints, brushes and a cardboard horse cutout (made from Ann's template).
He loves it and has already started to ask about his horse every day. It's amazing to watch his concentration. He truly immerses himself into the painting, focusing on every stroke. I limit his color palette and offer a few suggestions such as painting the legs a different color than the body, but otherwise let him go at it. When he's done, I finish the horse off with an eye and few details. Little A then picks out the buttons and we assemble the horse together.
I hope this project sticks and Little A stays motivated. I can't wait to see what our colorful stampede will look like in the end (and I think I'll actually get some work done!).


  1. such a fun idea for boys! thanks for the link!

  2. That is an amazing idea! Though.. I don't know if my girl has the patience for it.. He's doing an awesome job there.. Your kids are incredible cuh-yute!

  3. I can't wait until I have children - then we're crafting all day! : P

  4. such a cute project
    and good colours on the wee horsey

  5. I still don't know how you do it. Working with kids is an incredibly difficult task. I worked until just recently and my hat is off to you - what a great way to keep the kids learning and occupied!

  6. I SO understand what you mean with Baby O! As you know, my little Ariella is the same age as your Baby O and she's forever at my feet with her arms in the air saying "Maaa...Maaa." wanting to sit on my lap and bash the keyboard. And painting...well that's been limited to when she's asleep while it's just her and I at home. Not leaving me much time at all. Great activity for little A though! =)

  7. So inspired, so do-able. Just lovely.


  8. how sweet.....now you need to add some cowboys!

  9. what an AMAZING idea.

    gosh it is so important for parents to give their kids some creative direction like that, and not just say "here's the paint, go for your life"

    that way the really feel like they have achieved.

    fantastic, I love the project! I am so behind on my blogs so I haven't even heard of the horse thing yet, but will have to get looking for it!

    Renee xx

  10. What a fun idea. I'm going to try this with my little girl!
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  11. Lovely horse! I have a Little A myself!

  12. Hello!
    Your blog is so very charming!
    I was wondering if I could still possibly receive your darling girl and boy pirate downloads? I clicked on the link but it says they are no longer available. Sorry to be late. sniffle sniffle SOB
    Thank you!

  13. such a great idea, I think my girls would love it!!

  14. I made these with my kids a few months ago and then we taped them to the mirror in the bathroom. the kids loved looking at them every day while brushing their teeth