[a weekend of...]

I love that little A is of the birthday party attending age. Over the weekend he was invited to his friend Emerald's birthday bug party. Aside from some uncharacteristic shyness on A's part, we had a blast.
I also had a lovely time making Emerald's gift. A few weeks ago I finished this Dauphine and Rabbit gouache painting (prints now up in my shop) for my niece's birthday and decided to create the little bunny as a softie to go along with a print for Emerald.
I think this little guy turned out so cute! I like him so much that I have decided to also offer the rabbit and print as a pair in my shop. I can just imagine them together on a shelf in Emerald's room. So sweet.


  1. That is so sweet. I just love your art!

  2. This bunny is the sweetest thing I have seen in a while. Love.

  3. what a fantastic and thoughtful gift! xo

  4. um, hey, we will be having 3 birthdays within 2 weeks this fall. any chance you'll be in colorado??? we will invite you to every one!!!
    (please tell me you will come to colorado for the holidays this year!)