[I'll never tire of the idea of a...]

{above pics via cafe mom}

{above pic via the unicorn diaries}

Red and green are great and all, but these pics have me missing my pink tree and candy land decor.
I'm also loving these pink picks for the stocking:
1. pink smiling skull wool felt stocking by habitat
2. print of the Karen Klassen watercolor chair illustration
3. live love life journal
4. paper peony
5. striped metallic scarf


  1. oh that's Rachel's house! I love her decor this year... so awesome. Your Candy Land theme sounds awesome too! That's a great idea. I like pink too. :)

  2. this really makes me think of you, at first I thought "this must be her studio" I love it! the pom pom wrapped gifts are so cute!

  3. The idea of a pink Christmas often pops up in my head in november but when I pull out the boxes filled with old ornaments I always get so nostalgic my house ends up decorated the same as always. But it's a nice dream!

  4. i long for a pink christmas....but the 3 guys in my house don't!
    thanks for letting me dream thru your lovely post

  5. I have lots of pretty pink ornament in a vintage or romantic style.
    Do I need a white tree to really show them off?
    I can't decide maybe Mer you can give advice. Right now I have a little 3 foot tree (I call my personal tree) that holds them for me! This year it sits on my dinning room table with me Nativity and Santa sleigh!

  6. NICE...funny I am doing a pink post as well.... : )
    Great one!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  7. wow. I totally decorated my tree in pink and white this year. I loved it. my favorite yet!