[always one for glam]

There are a lot of design styles that currently inspire me; danish modern, shabby vintage, neauvou Victorian, a splash of folk here and there, industrial accents, etc., and would more or less say my style is very eclectic. However, no matter how versatile I am, I find that my favorite looks always have a hint of glamour in them (and at times they are 100% glam like in the bedroom, bathroom, etc.). I just can't get away from things that look sumptuous and make you feel luxurious. The lovely blog, This is glamorous is becoming a daily read for me and I have to say, I drool over just about everything posted. As a result of my obsession with glam my design staples are rapidly becoming pampering, feel-good fabrics, cool tones, tufted furniture and peonies galore. Oooh La La, bring on the glam.


  1. Thanks, I checked it out and I love it too!
    I love the room with the pink sofa!
    I wish it wasn't so square then it would be perfect!!!

  2. I love a these images! Glam is so awesome in bedrooms and bathrooms. I love This is glamorous blog too.

  3. word. love it.
    and the new design for your posts is so great.
    you are professional! wish you could come over and give me a pointer or two.
    at least when we get a new apartment and you can help me design it. . .
    do you know maisons du monde? found them yesterday and can't believe how ridiculously cheap they are, even the shipping! except that they don't deliver to russia, but i'm going to figure something out.

  4. When I read your design aesthetic I totally swooned because I fell the same way! Love peonies, tufted furniture, and glam! And double nod the total glam in the bedroom/bath. My own bathroom is covered in framed black and white photos of old hollywood starlets, hung vintage purses with gloved clutching them, and gauzy fabrics framing the tub. I read your blog every week.

  5. Recently received a comment from Paris Hotel Boutique, which lead me to this beautiful post . . . Love what you've done -- such a great layout! Thanks so much. Have a great weekend.


  6. i happened upon your blog through {this is glamorous}
    i love your hip and unique style and artwork!
    i adore art, fashion and photography, so your link will be added to my faves for sure!