30 things I want to do the year I turn 30

1. create a daily schedule for Atticus and myself
2. create a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule
3. learn 30 new recipes (I know…sounds ambitious but I’m thinking that these can be simple to elaborate)
4. start a themed meal schedule (like Friday is taco night, Monday chicken, etc.)
5. get food storage/emergency preparedness in order and up to date
6. learn how to cook meals from food storage (can go along with my 30 recipes)
7. go to the gym at least once a week ☺
8. do sit-ups and arm curls every day
9. sew on Sundays
10. enjoy the outdoors more (go outside with Atticus at least once a day. I know…it’s sad that I even have to have this goal…but hey, I’m a rainy day artist, ok ☺)
11. learn one new song on the piano
12. plant something and watch it grow
13. paint more
14. write a children’s story
15. build something with wood
16. visit flea markets
17. trust my instincts
18. spend more focused time teaching Atticus new things
19. hold Family Home Evening regularly
20. create a budget that I can realistically stick to ☺
21. laugh more
22. be a glass half full kind of gal
23. create prints of my artwork to sell
24. sew clothing and toys for Atticus
25. always be in the middle of a good book
26. research and pursue new and creative outlets for my art
27. live closer to the spirit
28. be at peace with myself and others
29. early to bed, early to rise
30. give birth to a second child ☺


  1. WHAT A LIST! Are you really turning 30 this year? I need to make myself a list too. what a great idea! I love you!

  2. Hey Mer post this on the Sisters blog OK I think this would be a fun thing to share with our sisters :) cause I'm gonna make a list too :)

  3. i love these last two posts. so inspiring-- and as usual, making me wish i lived next door to you. . .

  4. Thanks Jen. I'd love to live next door to you! There are a couple of houses for sale on my street (very affordable) if you want to come to Tennesee :). I say let's just throw in the towl and both move back to Colorado and be neighbors.

  5. I love this post. Your list is great! There is so much on there I'd like to do myself, like why is it so darn hard to leave the house sometimes?! So cool about planning a no. 2 baby! Good luck! I have to agree with your friend, Jen on wishing we were neighbors. It would be so fun and of course Joel would think Atticus is the coolest!

  6. great list...i think all seem to have a list of things we want to do every year. we should get together and help each other on a few of those. as for the last goal I don't think you will have a problem completeing that one! Have fun!

  7. thanks you guys for all of your encouraging comments. I'm already delinquent in some of these goals but it helps so much to have a place that I'm heading to. Laura, I'd love your help on any of these. Thursday night craft nights are back in session :). And Denise, we'd be fabulous neighbors (and I'd have Aaron cut Atticus' hair all the time ;)).