Christmas Villages

OK, stop the presses. I just found my absolute dream Christmas Villages (Yes, I want both!) from Room Service Home. Absolutely lovely. (OK, I'll have to work up to it). I also love their Glitter Reindeer. I bet I could make these from plastic reindeer toys and just coat them in glitter, hmm...

I do have a few decorations going on of my own amidst the painting, crown molding installation and other various home projects scattered about in hopes that St. Nicolas and his festive Knoxville home tour goers will soon appear. When I find my digital camera battery charger I'll be sure to share.


  1. i may be copying your "reindeer toy covered in glitter" idea because i love it! hope that's cool with you! i'll put a little "inspired by mer" tag on the bottom!

  2. yeah! Heather go for it. And if you find any toy reindeer let me know where you get thmem. Oh and I want to see a pic of the finished product.

  3. Totally get or make both!

    Okay! I am totally getting out pink paper, my puff paint, and glitter and I'm making some houses to hang on my tree!

    I love those houses and I know that look has been around for at least a hundred years so it's classic!

    Thank you Mer, for the awesome post!!

  4. They have an adorable Christmas village kit in the Martha Stewart Craft line for the holidays. I believe it comes with glitter too! It's sold out online, but they are in stores.

  5. http://www.marthastewartcrafts.com/detail.php?p=43945

  6. ooh, thanks cambria. I'll have get those.