Frightfully Festive

It's time to get out all of our delightful, frightful decorations in honor of All Hallows Eve. I've been so preoccupied with the Christmas Home Tour that I have only been virtually enjoying Halloween (via my blog). Now however we are slowly adding more and more spooky trimmings to our haunted home.


  1. Mer if these really are pics of your house then I'm sooo jealous!!!!!!!! I LOVE all those platers! I also love your hutch! I collect platters and I don't have a place to display and store them. I also adore you clown pumpkin figurine.

  2. Thanks LJ, yes they are of our house. I love my hutch too (It's from Martha Stewart's Kmart line) and I love my collection of white vintage inspired ceramics. (So I'm super jealous of YOU and your thrift store finds!!! :)).

  3. HeY have you seen those really fun Timurton'esque Halloween decor at Walmart?
    I totally thought o you when I saw them!

  4. Tim Burton
    some how it cam out of my fingers totaly wrong ooops