If any of you are wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, well you just might be correct. I've been up to my neck in exciting illustration work all while taking care of a hyper active toddler and moving across country. Jon was hired to be in the Santa Cruz Shakespeare festival so we are going to be living out there for the next few months. Atti and I decided to stop off in Colorado to visit my family and are currently staying at my sister's home (hence the name of this post).

I did this sketch a while back and really liked the relationship of these two girls. While staying with D-lyn, my older sister, and her three girls the memory of this sketch came back to me. These girls make me think of her eldest two girls, Mickey and Lil. They love each other yet there is definite mischief behind their eyes accompanied by some serious sibling rivalry. I can say that D-lyn and I know this look well :). We are also happy to say that sisters do grow out of it and can look back fondly at the stages of clothing tug-a-war and cat fight scratching and know that it is all apart of growing up with your best friend(s).

So here's to my SISTERS! I love them!


  1. I love your sketch too! And I must agree the girl on the left is totaly a McKayla personality.

    I love you my cool sis!XO

  2. While the little girl on the right is McKayla, I must say Lilyanne is the girl about to pick her nose which I find her doing all the time now!!!