Giselle Potter

Giselle Potter has got to be one of my favorite children's illustrators. Her characters and colors are so charming and her style naive yet sophisticated. I particularly love her book The Year I Didn't Go to School which she both wrote and illustrated. In this book she tells the story of a year from her childhood when her family went to Italy where they all paricipate in her parents traveling theatre and puppet troupe. It sounds like something I've dreamed for my life with my children. I'm sure Atticus, with an actor as a father and an illustrator as a mother will have similar experiences. He's been on an airplane at least 8 times, been to 5+ diff states (the "+" referring to the ones he's driven through on a 3 day road trip), has a passport and will be traveling to Paris in May and Santa Cruz in June...and all this in the first year and 1/2 of his life! He'll either grow to love the arts and travel or to loathe it! Only time will tell :).

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