Oh sweet Temperley...

Alice Templerey is also one of my favorite designers. I've a passion for textile design and pattern and she's always been so fabulous at it. She, like Sui, often has a gypsie feel to her work. This spring isn't so much that way but I still love it. I really love how these top two dresses flow (and I love the the head scarf too! I need to go somewhere exotic to wear these :) ). I also really like the preppy suspender look she has going on below. I would feel like a some rich British girl going to Africa in these. I want to try to recreate the lower left one for this summer.

I realy want to recreate this top left look. It's stunning and so ME. Sleek and elegant uptop but with a touch of carefree pattern down below. LOVE IT. Someday I will own a Temperley...some day...

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