Illustrating for Olive Us

Have you guys been keeping up with the darling Olive Us video's, put on by the Blair children? If so you might have noticed my illustrations in the last couple of episodes. And just in time for Halloween, they have launched a new video called Ghost Town!
Do you not just love ghost towns? I have the best memory of exploring Calico Ghost Town as a little girl. It stayed with me for some time.

And I had so much fun illustrating spooky ghosts for this episode. My Favorite was the shoot out. You'll have to take a look at it to see how Tiger in a Jar animated it. Love it.
And Gabrielle is so great to work with. I'm constantly impressed with both her business and mothering skills. I mean, just look at those impressive Blair Children. Maybe I need to just up and move my kiddos to France ;).

And if you missed the Study Space episode, take a look here. I had so much fun illustrating the Mayflower. And Shakespeare! Always love a good Shakespeare. (See a closer look of all Study Space illustrations here).

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  1. Ah, how fun to be part of this video and animation project. I love your illustrations. Yes, ghost towns are the best. Congrats.