Geometric Art for GAP Kids Recap!

I just got back from LA last night and working on getting caught up on everything and enjoying seeing my Littles again (who I swear have grown in just a few short days!). The geometric painting for the GAP Kids event in LA at the Grove was a smashing success! I had such a fabulous time meeting so many little Picasso's and their parents. And the girls from A Squared Events, particularly Jen Truc, who ran the show, were phenomenal to work with. I love seeing everything all set up and ready to go. And then when the kids started coming, well it was pure magic.
I loved to see the many wonderful combinations and creative applications the kids came up with for our geometric art project. They were nothing short of brilliant! I am sharing a few photos from my Instragram feed from the LA Event, (as well as a few from other city attendees feeds), here to share with you. I'm just so thrilled with how everything turned out! (see the flickr page from all the geo painting events here! so inspiring!!)
And if you were not able to make it out to one of these events, and want your little ones to make some geometric art on their own you can now do so at home!

  • You will need either a canvas or thick sheet of watercolor paper (if you use paper, I would suggest taping it down to a firm surface). 
  • A fun selection of bright acrylic or tempera paints
  • A paint brush 
  • and some masking tape (I like the 1/2" size)

Start by taping off sections of your canvas so that they make a variety of fun geometric shapes.
Now grab your first color of paint. Decide which shapes you want to be this color and paint them in within the line of the tape (overlapping is fine as the tape will be taken off). Then proceed on to the next color, until your canvas is filled with a variety of fun, colorful shapes!
Once the painted canvas is dry, you may remove the masking tape.
Now enjoy your new work of geometric art! I love how striking these turn out. There are so many options and directions you can with this.
I also love how this is a great art activity for kids of all ages. If your child is at the preschool age, and more into sensory painting, they can just go crazy and see what fun magic happens when the tape is removed. And if they are bit older, they can really get into disciplining their color selection and planning out their different shapes. They can be more precise and intentional, creating something really amazing.

If do this art project, we'd love to see pics of your final creations! And if you attended any of the geo art painting events accross the US and Canada, I'd LOVE to see your pics from that as well!

And for this weekend, get geared up for journal making! Your child's thoughts and acheivments will shine on throughout time as they record it all in their very own journal that they make themselves! See more about dates and locations for this event on GAP's Shine On Facebook page. And based on how successful this last weekend was, you won't want to miss it!!


  1. I aboslutely love your geometric project. It looks like tons of fun and not just for the kids. I will definitely try this with my preschool students this coming school year. So happy to have found your blog. Amazing work. Will you be visitng any New York or New Jersey Gap Kids stores in the near future?

  2. Oh what a clever and fun idea. I'm so glad you had a good time in L.A. Yeah, getting to do art with children is the best! Looks like they created some great art! Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  3. Adore this project, as well as your DIY circle punch art. Fantastic ideas!!!

  4. We did this for a fathers day present! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I'm planning to do this as a Christmas Gift project for the grannies from the four kids

  6. Thanks for this great idea. We did it during Labor Day weekend with some friends' kids. I posted about it here:


  7. We didn't make it to the Gap for this, but we did do at at home together one afternoon. My kids loved it and the art turned out beautiful. I love your blog and instagram feed. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!


    1. so great Vanessa! loved how they turned out. thanks for sharing.

  8. very nice idea to create canvas .Thanks to share your knowledge.

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