School's (almost) out for the summer!

Posts have been light this week because we are in full End of School mode! A had a teddy bear picnic at the park with his class today and tomorrow is a field day his last official day of school! I'm equal parts excited and nervous about having both boys home all day, everyday! Of course we'll do the summer classes, sports camps and swimming, etc. but I'm sure we'll still have to come up with A LOT of fun crafts to keep these little guys entertained. And like always, we'll be sure to share them all with you!

Little O and I have also been enjoying our last few days together one on one with ice cream dates here and park excursions there. He'll be headed off to preschool next year (again, equal parts relieved and sad my little guy is growing up).

We also have our first official family reunion this weekend. And so it begins. WooHoo for summer!

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