[a haircut + a backpack + a pose =]

If you are like me, you are thinking "where on earth did the summer go?" or "how is my little one growing up without my permission?". I know for many of you school has been in session for a few weeks already but for us Little A's preschool officially starts on Wed. which means, haircuts, earthquake backpack kits, and some serious deep sighs and misty eyes while thinking of how time just keeps on going by...and way too fast.

When Little A heard it was haircut time (he has been complaining about not being able to see so I hesitantly resigned to trimming his light golden tresses...) he had a very specific step-by-step approach of how it would all go down. First off he pulled his chair over to my computer (where I had several haircut inspiration pics up), told me he wanted to watch a hair cutting show and would like the usual lolli to accompany it. Then before I could make a snip he ran and got a marker and some tag board and drew his own version of what he wanted his haircut to look like (as seen above). As impeccable as his taste is, I decided not to go for the crew cut look...but we did shorten things up a bit. As for the entertainment, we settled on James and the Giant Peach and a Trader Joe's organic lollipop (he'll never know it was left over from my Valentines Day stash) and we got to work.
First stop to show off new do: preschool treasure hunt. Even though it wasn't his "official" first day of school we took pics (complete with Jon's studious faux glasses) before the event.
After I had taken a few snap shots he exclaimed "I know mommy, like this!" and he proceeded to give me the rockin' pose shown above. And then "Oh wait mommy! This is it! It's really cool. Take a picture of me!" (as seen in pose below).
And last but not least, the earthquake backpack kit. OK, so if you want to look at how perfect your life already is and appreciate everything you already have, before anything terrible might happen to you or your family, just make an earthquake backpack kit for your child. Yeah, you'll reevaluate your priorities. After compiling a mini-photo album full of happy times, goofy faces, familiar places, etc. with the intent to calm, sooth and comfort my four year old in a possible scary time I couldn't help but get emotional. And then to write him a little note of comfort...and imagine him reading it...well that just about sent me over the edge. And a good wake up call. Now I look at my little ones with renewed gratitude and love. It's easier now not to see them as pestering, whining, mess making machines that are constantly interrupting my chi and let's be honest, destroying my house. No, now I easily see little angels full of happiness and humor, interesting conversationalists, precious bodies to hug and snuggle and pure, perfect joy. Yes Joy.

Wishing you all happy school days ahead!

(If you are interested, I used this simple tutorial for the drawstring backpack).