[wishing the happiest of birthdays to...]

We are planning on having a fun filled day with our birthday boy today. I'm thinking a little Despicable Me, a little Thai food and a little present giving should make the day merry and cheerful. Oh and Coconut Cream Donut "cake" as requested by little A (and heartily agreed to by Jon. Little A just made it up on the fly but we actually found a recipe for this in donut form. Sounds delish).
I made the above card for Jon and we presented it to him complete with a champion breakfast-in-bed comprised of cinnamon toast crunch, milk and a banana. Add a balloon or two and we are ready to start our birthday celebrations!

I love you Jon. Happy Birthday!


  1. i LOVE the card. you sound like a terrific person to be loved by on your birthday! happy birthday to your husband. hope you all enjoy his day!

  2. This is just the sweetest.. I love that song to Rent revised to your loved one. Happy Birthday Jon! Hope you all have a fun day together..

  3. Our husbands have the same birthday - whatdoyaknow! Hope your day and his was divine!

  4. that is definitely the coolest picture of jon i've ever seen! and what a card! your talent just oozes out of you mer!

  5. Beautiful, Mer. I love the card. You are so inspiring.