[incredible prices...]


My good friend Jordan Daines has had a delectable grouping of enviable artwork stashed in her kitchen that I have wanted to get my hands on for some time. Well lucky for us she's hauling them out and offering them up for auction...with starting bids that will make you squeal with delight!


Jordan's husband Matt (picture of the super fab couple above) is working on his architectural thesis and Jordan has offered to help with the cost by parting with many of her much loved works of art. Thanks Jordan!! I'm going to have reign myself in a bit because I can think of, oh at least 5 paintings that I'm pretty sure I simply MUST have.


I'm pretty sure there are a few that you simply must have as well...so hop on over to her blog and let the bidding wars begin!


[coconut cream donut...]

When I asked Little A what kind of cake we should make for Jon's birthday he said immediately and emphatically "a coconut cream donut cake!". Jon and I looked at each other wide eyed, laughed and then smiled. Jon was definitely on board. I thought I would have to make this "cake" up but we managed to find a recipe for "coconut cream donuts". We couldn't find any coconut cream so we filled them with banana pudding (an interesting and yet still scrumptious variation).
They took a long time due to all the episodes of risings required but they were very fun to make. I've never deep fried anything before and let me tell you it was especially satisfying dropping the dough into a pot of hot oil and then watching it brown and "inflate".
My favorite was the donut itself just after cooling down a bit, with a little icing. Yum. Little A was just all about the coconut and the icing on top (as was his brother). Jon loved the entire donut. I'd say it was a great alternative to the traditional birthday cake. Thanks Little A for the inspiration!
I also thought I'd share another little gift I made for Jon on his day. I used an old typewriter that a friend gave me and wrote 34 different "titles" that Jon currently holds, such as "father", "actor", "friend", "teacher" and so on. I then turned them into little white flags and then stitched little flag poles with white thread. It was fun and simple way to celebrate Jon and all that he's accomplished thus far in his life.

Can I just say I love birthdays?


[wishing the happiest of birthdays to...]

We are planning on having a fun filled day with our birthday boy today. I'm thinking a little Despicable Me, a little Thai food and a little present giving should make the day merry and cheerful. Oh and Coconut Cream Donut "cake" as requested by little A (and heartily agreed to by Jon. Little A just made it up on the fly but we actually found a recipe for this in donut form. Sounds delish).
I made the above card for Jon and we presented it to him complete with a champion breakfast-in-bed comprised of cinnamon toast crunch, milk and a banana. Add a balloon or two and we are ready to start our birthday celebrations!

I love you Jon. Happy Birthday!