[guest blogger: calico]

In an attempt to have nice things, I bought a vintage Milton Bradley Memory Game on ebay a couple months ago. I loved the pieces so much I didn’t want them to be destroyed by letting my kids play with it. So I put them in a frame for all to see but not touch.

I bought the frame with my 50% off craft store coupon, and a cut a piece of 40% off art paper to fit. Then put an X of repositionable glue stick on the back of each card so I can change the arrangement if I decided. Then I hung it at eye level for the little kids.

I love it.

Here are more matching games I love.

1. matching games by eeBoo
2. A trip down memory game by Land of Nod
3. Pick a Pair by Brio


  1. brilliant Cally. I might just have to copy you :).

  2. Where is that gorgeous artwork hanging? Is it new? I have never seen it and I love it and I want it.

  3. Oh, I love it! And that version of Memory is the exact one that was my favorite as a kid. I'm going to see if my mom will send me the old game...if it still exists.

    Did you see that Old Navy has a matching game with Charley Harper images on it? It's really cute.

  4. What a great idea. I love framing old games but this matching pairs looks so effective and the kids would love it.

  5. I discovered this beautiful blog recently and have been reading through the archives - I *had* to comment on this post because I grew up with this game of Memory, and absolutely loved it. My sister and I still play whenever we're together (which is rarely, because we live in different countries). We've spent far too long deciding which are our favourite tiles, and although we've thought of hanging them on the wall, we can't bear the idea of not being able to play anymore. The piece looks stunning. Thanks Calico! And thank you Mer for your exquisite blog.