[gearing up for on-the-go]

It's summer and time for so many of us to take a break and take a trip (or at least dream of one!). Here are a few of my favorite finds that will for sure get you in the mood for travel.patterned luggage by PUMA
tote and pass/ID case
large gray carry on bag
Amy Ruppel passport case
route 66 necklace
travel artwork by Artificial Vacations
wallpaper luggage tag


  1. That tote is fabulous! What wonderful finds. Makes me want to disappear to some exotic destination and never come back!

  2. oh i love that passport cover! i've had my eye on that one and a few others from tiny meat, and am just trying to decide which one!

  3. I just got home from my second vacation this summer. I carried a black bag as my purse/carry all bag and it has cute shoes and flip flops all over it. I got so many compliments on it during both my trips. It reminds me of the bags you have posted on here!